The NXE hype is dying…

Like many gamers and movie watchers I was looking forward to subscribing to Netflix once the 360 Dashboard overhaul aka NXE was released(Nov 19th). The icing on the cake was news that Netflix would be doing HD streaming. Then the bad news came when it was discovered that HD streaming would only be allowed over HDCP compatible displays. I have an older rear projection HDTV so looks like no HD streaming for me. Sucks.


  1. The 8 person chat is thhe winner for me. I hate the fact that we are limited to only 1 person. It’s really going to expand the friendship level of XBL.

    Now, for the PSN to allow chat with friends while playing a game.


  2. Of course within hours the rumor was cleared up. If you watch Netflix via component you don’t have to worry about HDCP. I just bought a DVI to HDMI cable, an HDMI splitter, some HDMI cables and now I run my PS3 and 360 over HDMI to the DVI input in my “ancient” HDTV. But my TV does to HDCP. I convinced myself that 1080i over a pure digital signal is somehow better than a 1080i analog signal over component. I also am looking forward to the party functions and the HDD installs. I picked up a 120GB HDD. The 19th can’t come soon enough.

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