Beta Impressions: Call of Duty World at War / Resistance 2


After the Little Big Planet beta ended, I was a bit saddened but knew I’d have the full game in a little over a week. Unfortunately that did not happen, so I received a couple more beta keys for two other upcoming titles and I have been distracted. Not that I have forgotten about LBP’s platforming goodness but the new betas are quite good.

When word came out that Treyarch was behind the new CoD not Infinity Ward many gamers(vocal minority) scoffed at the CoD3 developer being behind the wheel. But having played the beta I can say pretty confidently that if you liked CoD4 you’ll probrably like WaW. Why? Because it’s the same game with older weapons and a pack of vicious dogs in place of a helicopter. That’s it. More of the same with less accurate weapons and smaller clips forcing you to reload more often. This is not necessarily a bad thing but for me it’s not a day one $60 purchase. I am more excited about the four player coop. Call of Duty World at War will most likely be Goozexed or Gameflown.

The Resistance 2 beta comes with a coop objective mode and competitive mode. The competitive mode is fun with R2’s crazy weapons but feels like your standard DM and TDM. The cooperative however has you teaming up with up to 7 other players fighting seemingly endless streams of enemies. When I jumped into the game I found myself using most of my ammo and only a handful of enemies. They took a lot of damage, I am sure this is reinforce he notion of team work. There are 3 classes to choose from: soldier, commando and a medic, I think. You really have to use teamwork to make any real progression in this mode. I look forward to picking upĀ  Resistance 2, day one.

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