I am a married, father of 3 girls who finds more time than he ought to play, read, write(coming soon) and pontificate about games. I currently live outside of the DC-area. My gaming tastes include but are not limited to RPGs(western mainly), FPSs, platformers(love ’em), puzzle games(Picross 3D is my new drug of choice), indie games of varying types and action games. I am currently cutting my teeth on the RTS genre.  My gaming began with the Atari 2600 and led into my affinity for point and click adventure games, primarily of the Sierra variety. Console gaming became my staple when I got a SNES in the early 90s.  I am now almost equally into board games as video games. Old habit don’t die, they grow.

Dave bka Tiny/@Tiny415


If you were to compare the GameEnthus podcast to the hit CBS show, Rules of Engagement, then I would be David Spade. I am the single, 20 something, lifetime geek of the group. Though many would not say it, due to my rugged good looks and chiseled jaw (joking), I have been a geek my whole life. When I was young it started with a second hand Atari 2600 from my cousins and an Apple IIE my parents had bought to give their kids a leg up in the world. As I grew up my interests expanded to tabletop gaming (Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda, and GorkaMorka), card games (Magic the Gathering, Star Trek, etc) Dungeons and Dragons, and comic books (mostly Marvel, grew into DC though). It was not until I bought a Super Nintendo, with money that I earned from chores, that I came to understand the appeal of console games, though I would remain a hardcore PC gamer until the end of college. Now that I am out in the real world with a place of mine own and a job I enjoy, gaming sometimes has to come in second to responsibility, but considering, while I write this, I am sitting in a room decorated with Left 4 Dead posters and every console you can image, it is not far from my heart.



In the late 70s a tremendous occurrence took place. A flash of light, a crack across the sky, and a baby was born. That baby was me. My early years were reserved for annoying my sisters and parents all while watching Transformers, Go Bots, and the like. My life was changed forever on the day my dad brought home a TI-99/4A. It was my first game machine. This is when I learned to throw controllers and break household appliances (washing machines especially). Eventually I became a PC gamer, mostly through necessity because my parents never bought me another console. I was a big fan of the old type-your-way-through Sierra adventure games. Once old enough, and with enough cash, I bought a TG-16. I loved it and still do to this day. Of course I eventually bought just about everything out there, even a Virtual Boy and Jaguar CD(never got a 32X or CDi though). Today I spend most of my gaming time on a 360 or PS3 and am happy to have the time I do to play games. And yes, I have stopped throwing controllers. They cost too much for that.