The brighter side

Although my last post was a bit of a downer. I thought about all the great games I got recently and I realized that I may not have that much movie watching time anyway. Fable 2, Fallout 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, NBA 2k9, Wipeout HD, Little Big Planet, Socom Confrontation and Saint Row 2 will take plenty of time to get into. Let me not even mention Resistance 2(I will vote first) and Gears of War 2 coming next week. I have too many games and too little time. But I like it that way.


  1. A lot of good stuff coming out. October and November are both expensive months lol. The list is just endless.

    I look forward to seeing some video reviews. I picked up Saints Row 2, Dead Space, and Fallout 3. I’m super hyped for Gears 2, Resistance 2 (even tho I need to finish up the 1st game), and Left 4 Dead.

    There’s still a few more games in November that i’m considering. I’m sure I will end up with a good amount of them but day 1 release is currently pending.

    Keep us updated.

  2. Once I have all the games I am going to buy this year. I am going to post a picture of them all laid out so I can see just how ridiculous it was of me to purchase all these games I don’t have the time to play.

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