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Aaron previews the strategic worker placement, set collection, recipe fulfillment game Night Market designed by Adam Twain, with art from James Churchill and Jason Washburn. Night Market is published by Talon Strikes Studios LLC.

Night Market on Kickstarter:

00:00 Intro

00:35 Components and mechanics

09:15 Setting up for 2 players…really quickly

09:46 components I forgot to mention before

17:19 worker combo mechanic

19:29 Example Spring(Round 1) Gameplay

30:01 Scoring

32:53 Seasonal Rewards

35:45 Solo Mode mention

36:02 Wrap-up

Full Disclosure: This game or prototype was provided to GameEnthus by the PR rep, publisher or developer.

Genre/Mechanisms: strategic worker placement, set collection, recipe fulfillment

Designer(s)/Developer(s): Adam Zwain

Artist(s): James Churchill, Jason Washburn

Publisher: Talon Strikes Studios LLC

Platform(s): a flat surface

Player(s): 1-4

Publisher Age Recommendation: 14+

Play Time: 60-90min

rice: $-


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