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Have Game, Will Play: Narco Terror

‘Mindless twin-stick Madness’ is the perfect description for Narco Terror. While in pursuit of your daughter, some unnamed agent and a man named Adamo you control a protagonist whose goal is just to kill everything on the screen. This game is about blowing things up and maybe not even having a question to ask any would-be survivors. Your arsenal includes a handful of upgradable and bullet-augmentable weapons in addition to the cheesy one-liners that are recklessly projected throughout the game. You traverse the less than stellar looking levels from a pulled back 3/4 aerial view (think Ikari Warriors). When the camera does pull in closer you understand its original position immediately. It looks rough but you just shoot the constantly on-coming enemies, gas containers and vehicles until the next cut scene. One of my complaints early on was the lack of a boss fight at the end of the stages. However the old school shoot everything nature of the game is broken up by turret gun and traditional airplane twin-stick shooting sections. Those help to break up the monotony but more varied enemies types would have been a nice addition. One of my biggest issues with the game was hitting enemies on top of buildings and structures above me. If I was not in the very narrow sweet spot I was shooting in vain and took unnecessary damage. The game is not rated E for Everyone but it can be played via couch coop or online with others. Coop is where I suspect the most fun would be had. Narco Terror is chock full of cheesy explosive fun but unless you plan on playing it coop you might want to wait on it.

Price: $10, Buy for $5

Platform: PSN/XBLA/Steam

Developed by Rubion Organization

Published by Deep Silver

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