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Have Game, Will Play: ibb and obb

Let me begin by saying that I played ibb and obb the “wrong” way. The developer clearly intended for this game to be played with two people. ibb and obb are two cute creatures who platform their way to through segmented and physics-be-damned levels. All of the game’s cast, from what I’ve seen, have the ability to defy gravity. Walking on the ceiling is the easiest solution to the games puzzle-like levels. Enemies have two halves and when defeated they leave behind white cubes that must be collected quickly before disappearing. The extreme difficulty when playing solo is due to the controls. The only controls needed for the game are both analog sticks; one stick per character. My brain was going crazy trying to move them effectively to solve the traversal puzzles and not get killed by the enemies. Needless to say the learning curve is quite steep however you do feel a well-deserved sense of satisfaction when you progress. ibb and obb’s visuals and sounds are so cute and relaxing it is something that anyone should try regardless of your level of affinity for the genre.  I am looking forward to a coop session of the game. Coordination and cooperation have their own rewards(controlling ibb or obb, not both) as well as drawbacks(having to actually cooperate).  ibb and obb is a cycle of fun and frustration repeating rapidly.  If you have hair you may feel a strong urge to pull some of it out. You’ve been warned.

Price: $10, Buy for $10

Platform: PSN

Developed by Sparpweed

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