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Have Game, Will Play: Dropchord

There is no shortage of music-based games in 2013. However the Leap Motion has inspired the creation of a rather unique entry into the genre. The Leap Motion enables users to interact with software applications and games using their hands and fingers. Dropchord is a score driven music game where you use your index fingers, or in my case two analog sticks(I played it on the Ouya), to control two small circles that have a connecting line between them. That line is then rotated and shifted all around a larger circle. Your goal is to pass that line over smaller bubble-like spheres preferably to the beat of the music to score points. Dropchord wouldn’t be much of a game without a challenge. There are red objects that are stationary at first but then move within the circle along a path. These objects deplete your energy should your line come in contact with them. Another level mechanic involves moving small faint spheres into larger spheres as quickly as possible. Ultimately Dropchord is an interesting idea, a fun game and at $3 I think it’s definitely worth a try.

Price: $2.99, Buy for $2.99

Platform(s): Ouya, PC, iOS, Android, Mac

Developed by DraCogen/Double Fine

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