BAH! HUMBUG! & The 12 games of Christmas Preview

BAH! HUMBUG! & The 12 games of Christmas Preview

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Aaron previews the fast-paced bluffing game BAH! HUMBUG! and the game collection BAH! HUMBUG! & The 12 Games of Christmas from Small Furry Games.

Full Disclosure: This game or prototype was provided to GameEnthus by the PR rep, publisher, designer or developer.

Genre/Mechanisms: bluffing, rondel, set collection, card drafting, press-your-luck, racing etc.

Designer(s)/Developer(s): Emily Willix, Felix Falk, Duncan Hecht, David Waldman, Koyomi Kawasumi, Evan Halbert, Clark Willix, Pedro Kerouac, Jan Spodek, James, Gjaletema, Chris Stone, Galen McCown, Ren Vice

Artist(s): Olha Bondarenko

Publisher: Small Furry Games

Platform(s): a flat surface

Player(s): 1-6

Publisher Age Recommendation: 12+

Play Time: 15-45 minutes



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