X-men Arcade Game Review

Developer: Konami/Backbone Ent.

Publisher: Konami

Platforms: XBLA/PSN

Price: $10/800 Allards

1992 brought about some memorable releases and events: L.A. riots, Windows 3.1, nicotine patches, Wayne’s World, Basic Instinct, Bill Clinton’s presidency and many more. Despite my diligent research of notable events in 1992 none of them included the release of the X-men Arcade game. This, up to 4 or 6 player, arcade game gave gamers the ability to punch and kick robots, lizard men, bees and members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants(Pyro, Blob, The White Queen, Mystique, Wendigo, Nimrod and Magneto) through 7 action-packed levels. But more importantly you have the choice to control your favorite X-men including Nightcrawler(my fav), Colossus, Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine and roller-skating-disco-loving fan favorite Dazzler.

Being an almost 20 year old side-scrolling beat ’em up arcade game makes X-men Arcade incredibly simplistic. Which is not a bad thing. It is a faithful arcade port that allows up to 6 player couch coop(PS3 only, 4 player for 360) in addition to online play. Backbone even included the Japanese ROM so you can play a slightly different version of the game. The most significant difference I recall was the occasional health power up that appeared when some enemies were defeated. Which is nice because grabbing it gets you an achievement or a trophy. One relic of older arcade beat ’em ups that still annoys me is the health penalty for using your character’s special move. I am grateful that developers have since replaced that punishment with a meter or some other less frustrating risk/reward implementation. That issue is somewhat negated by the unlimited continues which really does not bother me. But I know that will be a huge sticking point for some gamers.

X-men Arcade game is a fun walk down memory lane but may not impress younger or unfamiliar gamers who have played games like Castle Crashers or Scott Pilgrim. It’s pretty short and mindless. Nevertheless walking to the right while punching creatures and robots in their faces is still fun, especially with other people.


Faithful arcade port

Numerous display options

Includes Japanese ROM

Fun couch coop

Online play


Incredibly simple, unlimited continues may turn off some players

Very brief

TMNT arcade game was 400 MS points 2-3 years ago, what gives?

Bottom Line

Whether you played it back in the day or if it’s brand new, give the trial a couple of minutes and see that a faithful, albeit brief , stroll down memory lane is likely worth your $10.

Full Disclosure

GameEnthus.com received review code for the 360 version of the X-men Arcade Game


  1. If this had been 400 pts I’d probably have picked it up. I own a copy of Final Fight Double Impact. It gave me two games, with a ton of new options and extras, very well done co-op and was the same price as this. After that, and the $5 TMNT game, I’m not seeing $10 worth of game here. I’ve played enough beat ’em ups from the era to know that I’ll probably get enough out of the demo that I won’t feel the need to spend $10.

  2. I actually bought FF Double Impact by accident. I was really tired and I thought I was unlocking Magic Sword or something and I blew 800 Allards on it. Oh well, Tiny and I ripped through it one night and got some chivos so I guess it was worth it.

    I played 6 player X-men Arcade last night at Magfest(.org) and the sound was up incredibly high so it hurt but we finished it anyway. Good times.

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