ilomilo Review

Ilomilo (XBLA)
Developer: SouthEnd Interactive
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Released: January 5, 2011
Price: 800 Allards

ilomilo has cuteness and charm in spades. However its high levels of cuteness are not in vain as it’s a quite an enjoyable puzzle game. ilomilo has around 49 levels where the objective is “simply” to reunite ilo and milo.The gameplay allows players to control either ilo or milo as they traverse each gravity and physics defying level. You can switch between them at will as you make your way through the game. Couch coop works similarly to the single player but players essentially have half the responsibility, only controlling ilo or milo. Seems like online play would have been easy to implement with players essentially taking turns.

Story elements are conveyed during loading screens in addition to conversations with Sebastian, who provides gameplay tips or other information. Gathering fragments in the levels also fills a meter that can ultimately result in unlocking a memory piece that reveals more about the game’s back story. The controls are fairly simple. Our characters are controlled with the left analog, camera movements are done with the right and the A button allows interactions with items. Items are special blocks that allow ilo or milo to drop through the floor, fill in 1 to 4 gaps vertically/horizontally in addition using environmental triggers that move platforms or allow temporary flight.

The levels, early on, feel as though they have hit a sweet spot on difficulty. However there were times, in later chapters, when I got stuck and needed to restart a level in order to complete it. Traversing the levels were a worthy endeavor as I never tired of seeing their happy dance upon getting them back together.  Other creatures in the levels can impede our heroes’ progress by blocking their paths or removing the item ilo or milo are carrying or just getting in the way until redirected. For such a cute game it was nice to have some adversity within the levels aside from just the overall challenge.

While finding each other is the primary goal for each level, little creatures called Safkas can be found and will unlock more game content along with photos and other knick knacks. Collecting all the Safkas in a level will unlock optional challenges. But that’s not all. ilomilo shuffle(pictured above) is an Easter egg mini-game that can also be accessed by either finding it the “Wet Ink” level in  chapter 3 or by entering a code(press LT, RT, LB, RB in the main menu sequentially). ilomilo shufle is a 2D game where you move our characters around together but not necessarily on the same row or column while collecting Safkas and photos to earn points and trying not to fall. It even has leaderboards. This game has it all!


Great gameplay

Looks great with ultra high levels of cute(ness)

Fun couch Coop

Easter eggs……literally


Difficulty can spike ridiculously at times

No online coop

Bottom Line

Worth your time and 800 Allards. Buy it.

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