Skydive Proximity Flight

Have Game, Will Play: Skydive Proximity Flight

Skydive Proximity Flight is an aerial skydiving, base jumping and racing sim. Describing it as a sim may not be completely accurate. It has an arcade feel but it does feature realistic physics and it even has 3 real base jumpers. Jokke Sommer, Andrey Boldyrev and Halvor Angvik worked with Gaijin Entertainment to ensure that the gameplay was authentic.

I started off playing with the PS Move however I had not accounted for the amount of space I would need to play the game correctly. This was a logistical issue on my part and not the game’s. So my initial playthrough went from using the Playstation Move controllers to using the Dualshock 3. The DS3 worked but I suspect that the move was how the developer would prefer that the game be played. I did not understand the finesse that the game’s controls seem to require.

Despite my poor performance I think there are many things to like about the game, soaring in the air feels great, and I look forward to returning to it and improving. At around $20, it certainly is one of the more expensive PSN titles. However if you are into skydiving or base jumping that $20 should not be difficult to depart with.

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Genre: skydiving, base jumping, racing
Price: $19.99, Buy this game if you are into skydiving or games. If not, wait for a sale.
Platform(s): PS3, Playstation Move, coming soon(Xbox 360, Kinect)

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