Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion HG, WP

Have Game, Will Play: Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion

Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion is a 3rd person action game that thankfully does not require your olfactory abilities. You control an orc and have the ability to use burbs and flatulence offensively in addition to a variety of weapons. If bodily functions are something that you find comical and endearing, this is the game for you. If you prefer to be able to use the right thumbstick to move the camera around, you should prepare for disappointment. I honestly could not fathom how a 3rd person action game released in 2013 could lack camera control.

An overworld map, weapons, bosses, a leveling system, simple AI routine enemies and flatulence are all included and at your disposal. The game looks a little dated and an early mission being of the escort variety did not score any points with me. The combat early on felt button mashy but there are recommended combos that seem to work well. Orc Attack does have online and couch coop but I don’t have any friends who would be interested in it. Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion hangs its hat on the relative hilarity of passing gas, plenty of methane but quite mundane.

Developer: casualbrothers
Genre: 3rd person flatulent action
Price: $9.99, Could be a good coop game but wait for a sale
Platform(s): PS3, Playstation 3, PSN,  Xbox 360, XBLA, PS Vita


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