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Aaron gives his impressions about Galactic Raptor’s new roll and write within the Animal Kingdom series, from solo-mode guru Carla Kopp, Roar and Write!

*correction there will be 50 personal agenda cards in the final game*

Photos used were taken by What’s Eric Playing? –


00:00 – The beginning

01:11 – components

03:09 – how it plays

05:40 – turn example

09:49 – final thoughts

11:22 – outro

Full Disclosure: This prototype was sent or approved to be sent to me by the publisher or designer.

Genre/Mechanisms: roll and write, press your luck, dice rolling

Designer(s): Carla Kopp

Artist(s): Anna Bereza, Danny Devine, Katy Grierson, Jon Merchant

Publisher: Galactic Raptor Games

Platform(s): a flat surface

Player(s): 1-100

Publisher Age Recommendation: 8+

Price: ~ $19


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