1. I just opened the one I got as a present for my older daughter. She happens to live in the apartment next to us. I was planning on letting her stream games from our PS4 since I gave her access to our Wifi. Sounded great in theory. It’s actually quite choppy and lags horribly using Wifi. I’m not sure what it would do wired but, I’m not going to run wire to her place, I doubt that would be allowed.
    Maybe I’ll just get her an XB One so we can at least swap consoles once in a while.

  2. The XB1 might be a good idea but you may wish to play games with her and that wouldn’t be possible. As far as the PSTV, this thing needs work. I’ve heard that if you lower the resolution to 480 things improve but at quite the cost. :/

  3. You are correct about the console. I asked her yesterday which one she would rather have, she said PS4 so we could play some games co-op, like Elder Scrolls Online. She’s dying to play it. And I think, just for her I’ll continue my sub. If it’s not out for console by Christmas, following their release method, it could be out on 5/5/15.

  4. Oh and I did keep the PSTV. I can still play Vita games. I tested it on a few free games. I just need to pick up a memory card for it.

  5. Since you are in such close proximity I wonder how PS4’s share play might work for you. Also since I doubt ESO is doing much on the PC I can’t imagine they have high hopes for the console version – that they’ve gone silent about.

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