Have Game, Will Play: Fenix Rage

The need to play rapid-respawning, stupidly difficult platformers is still a thing. So the fine folks of Green Lava Studios are doing their part to deliver what the people want. Green Lava Studios’ Fenix Rage pits a blue hedgehog-esque hero against a silent villain who he must pursue through a plethora(~200) of levels. Levels are completed by touching a blue warp area that the bad guy sits on while you try to survive. As soon as you get close the antagonist escapes only to taunt you on the exit of the next level. Fenix Rage has some mechanics that immediately reminded me of Super Meat Boy. You can jump indefinetly and have a chance to die at pretty much every point. Along with jumping you can boost and will obtain temporary fire and ice abilities that are typically used to open previously inaccessible areas. Boosting is also the only way you will survive most of the varied boss encounters.

Each level contains cookie that is typically placed in a precarious area – getting cookies unlocks real-world cookie recipes. Obtaining a star in a level, based on completion time, unlocks arcade mini-games that can be accessed from the main menu. Fenix Rage is the type of game that you will know if you’re into it based on 30 seconds of gameplay. I like platformers that seem impossible at first but continually boost your confidence upon completion of even a single level or section. I stopped playing Super Meat Boy long ago but Fenix Rage scratched an itch I wasn’t aware that I had.

Recommendation: Worth a buy
Full Disclosure: The Steam version of this game was provided to GameEnthus by the publisher.
Genre: pure, hardcore platformer
Developer: Green Lava Studios
Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
Platform(s): PC, Steam, *coming to new gen consoles and vita in 2015*
Price: $14.99


Worth a buy – paying full price for fans of the series or genre makes sense – often includes a caveat
Worth a buy on sale – not quite full price worthy but close, – often includes a caveat
No – borrow it if you must play it
Please no – Don’t waste any time and/or money on it

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