Cloudberry Kingdom : HG, WP

Have Game, Will Play: Cloudberry Kingdom

You are Bob. Bob is attempting to rescue a less than grateful princess from the clutches of the evil King Kobbler or something like that. Players must guide a fully customizable Bob through a series of short platforming levels. You can collect gems in these levels to unlock power ups as well. Slow-mo, CPU guide and show-a-path become usable once you can afford them. They must be purchased per level though. These abilities are in addition to the level mandated power-ups like double jump wings, jetpacks, metal bouncy horses, spaceships, large Bob, little BobĀ  and incessantly size changing Bob. The difficulty flows from mild to insanely and impossibly difficult. It is a very enjoyable platformer with several modes including story, arcade and free play. Did I mention that there’s also multiplayer?

Platform(s): Wii U, PS3, Vita(soon), XB360, PC

Price:$10, Buy it at $10

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