Bioshock Infinite – Clash in the Clouds DLC : HG, WP

Have Game, Will Play: Bioshock Infinite/Clash in the Clouds DLC

To say that Bioshock Infinite’s combat was its strongest attribute would be highly controversial. It was far better than serviceable but nothing to get excited about. Which is why I was a bit disappointed that the first DLC was basically a series of wave based challenge rooms. However Clash in the Clouds does incentivize players to earn money and complete the non-trivial blue ribbon challenges. Completion of those challenges permits players to access more information about Columbia and its inhabitants via voxophone or phonograph.  Irrational Games also revealed that the subsequent DLC packs would be narrative driven side stories with one even taking place in Rapture. Upon receiving that information I happily reached for my wallet and purchased the season pass. Challenge rooms are clearly a stopgap but if they can meet or exceed the quality of Minerva’s Den(Bioshock 2 DLC) we are in for a treat.

Price: $5, Buy it at $2.50 or just buy the season pass for $20 because it comes with both $15 narrative driven DLC add-ons.

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