GameEnthus Podcast ep427: Productivity or Trek Thoughts, Star Slice

GameEnthus Podcast ep427: Productivity or Trek Thoughts, Star Slice


This week Fertessa (@Fertessa) , designer of Book of Villainy, Wicked & Wise and Mansplaining joins Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Book of Villainy, Wicked & Wise, Mansplaining, Funko Games, Spades, Tek War, Please Fix My Teleprompter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Trek Bridge Commander, Dragonball Z, DragonCon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Metatopia, Mega Sg, Mega Everdrive Pro, Wild Woody, Batman Returns, Earthworm Jim, Super SD System 3, MODE, PS Vita, The Office UK, WandaVision, Jimmy Woo, Goldeneye XBLA, Food Chain Magnate, Calico, Abandon All Artichokes, Kohaku, AZUL, Splendor, The Mind, Hanabi, Cyber Shadow, Shining Force CD, Destruction All Stars, Ys 9 demo, Cuphead, Point Salad, Tumble Town, Gift of Tulips, Quiddler, Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet Deluxe Edition, Marvel’s Avengers, Sakura Wars, Xenogears, Sackboy Adventures, Astro Bot, Mile Morales, Man Eater, Destruction All-Stars, Terraforming Mars, The Captain is Dead, Stubbs the Zombie, and more.


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Intro/Fertessa’s anecdotes – 01:11
Mike’s anecdotes – 38:35
Aaron’s anecdotes – 56:02
Tiny’s anecdotes – 01:04:05
Games Fertessa Played – 01:09:23
Games Mike Played – 01:34:47
Games Aaron Played – 01:51:11
Games Tiny Played – 02:06:18
News & Stuff – 02:16:54
Outro – 02:20:13

Erick Sermon – Bomdigi instrumental
GZA/Genius – Breaker, Breaker instrumental
A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour instrumental
Common – Retrospective for Life instrumental
Redman – Smash Sumthin’ instrumental
KRS-One – A Friend instrumental
De La Soul – Trying People instrumental
A Tribe Called Quest – Steppin’ It Up instrumental
Usher – U Don’t Have to Call instrumental
Childish Gambino – Freaks n Geeks instrumental
Blackstar – Brown Skin Lady instrumental





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