Have Game, Will Play: TowerFall Ascension on PS4


I’ll be honest, I own an Ouya and had not played the original TowerFall for more than 10 minutes. Having played TowerFall Ascension for a couple hours, I don’t know what was wrong with me. This archery-focused arena combat game is incredibly fun solo and insanely fun with others. What separates TowerFall Ascension from the games that influenced it(Smash Bros) is the limited number of arrows you have. However any used arrow can be retrieved from an enemy or walls in the environment. This really changes the flow of the game and makes the fun a bit more frantic.

TowerFall Ascension places heavy emphasis on its couch coop Versus mode. While the Versus and Trials mode are available in the original game, the quest mode(for 1-2 players) is new to the Ascension version. Despite the game’s coop focus I can safely say that playing the Quest and Trials modes are very fun solo. The controls are fairly simple and include jump, shoot and dash. The mid-air dash allows you to move and catch another players(or AI’s)
arrows and shoot them back.

The Quest mode places you in an arena and brings enemies in waves for you to defeat. Playing on normal was a sufficient challenge for me but a hardcore option is available for those who want it. Defeating straw dummies placed all over the levels as quickly as possible is easier said than done in Trials mode. I suspect that many people will get stuck on the lack of online multiplayer. While its inclusion would be a nice, no matter what mode you choose for solo play or with others you can’t go wrong.

Recommendation: Buy it at $15 if you think you’ll play it with others, ~$10 if you know you’ll be going in solo
Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the developer.
Genre: archery-focused arena combat
Developer: Matt Makes Games/Sickhead Games(port)
Publisher: Matt Makes Games
Platforms: Ouya, Steam, PS4
Price: $14.99


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