Have Game, Will Play: Master Reboot on PS3

The mysteri foundation has developed a service called the Soul Cloud. The Soul Cloud is like a repository for your memories so your loved ones can essentially come visit you after your death. You or your family can purchase an island within the Soul Cloud to populate your soul/memories. Sounds nice right? It’s not as Master Reboot is a first person horror adventure game. What mysteri foundation is selling is too good to be true. You will traverse memories of some deceased and discover who you and they are.

Master Reboot is about exploration and puzzle solving. Nothing is explained outright but because item management is minimal it becomes essential that you attempt to interact with everything.  As a horror game Master Reboot doesn’t rely on just simple jump scares. The entire setting felt isolated and of course the ghostly figures that you see up close and from a distance did their best to creep me out.

The few puzzles I tried were a mixed bag. Some were not the most intuitive but they just clicked while others felt like work. All things considered that is par for the course with an environmental first person puzzle game. I suppose if everything was too familiar the game would lack challenge. Master Reboot has an interesting premise and is definitely worth your time.

Recommendation: Buy it at $10  if you’re into first person adventure games
Full Disclosure: This game was provided by a PR firm representing Wales Interactive Ltd.
Genre: first person horror puzzle adventure
Developer: Wales Interactive Ltd.
Publisher: Wales Interactive Ltd.
Platforms: PS3, Steam
Price: $14.99


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