Have Game, Will Play: Titan Attacks!

The team at Puppy Games really likes the arcade classic Space Invaders quite a bit. So much so that they made a love letter to it. Their latest release,  Titan Attacks!**, is more than enough evidence.

Waves of enemies will move back and forth at the top of screen and fire down bullets. Some will even get progressively closer to you. Your job is to shoot them. Between waves you can use money you have earned to buy and augment your tank-like vehicle. Shields, more powerful bullets, increased bullet
frequency and smartbombs are just a few of the options available. These are available in addition to power-ups that enemies drop during the waves.

Titan Attacks! is a fun game that proudly wears its thematic and mechanical influence on its sleeve. If you are a huge fan of Space Invaders, you should jump in without hesitation. If not, don’t feel too bad about waiting a little while.

Recommendation*: Worth a buy on sale
Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the publisher.
Genre: arcade style vertical shooter
Developer:Puppy Games
Publisher: Curve Studios
Platforms: Cross-buy(PS3, PS4**, Vita,) Steam, Humble Store
Price: $11.99


Worth a buy – paying full price for fans of the series or genre makes sense – often includes a caveat
Worth a buy on sale – not quite full price worthy but close, – often includes a caveat
Rent – rent before buying
No – borrow it if you must play it
Please no – Don’t waste any time and/or money on it

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