Have Game, Will Play: Megabyte Punch

Have Game, Will Play: Megabyte Punch

I so desperately want to describe Megabyte Punch mentioning a particular popular arena fighting game series and a small block-like product that can be used to build constructs and characters. But having spent some time with the game, it stands on its own. Reptile Games has crafted a multi-genre, multi-itch scratching game that will likely appeal to a wider variety of gamers than expected.

While controlling an ill-equipped young robot you must traverse through levels defeating enemies, collecting bits and parts. Customization is key in Megabyte Punch as you can outfit your character at, almost, any time with new parts. These parts can also be purchased in villages and towns with bits in addition to being acquired from regular enemies and bosses. Arms, legs, your head and torso can be augmented with guns, blades, rocket packs and more.

Megabyte Punch is playable using a keyboard and mouse however I can’t imagine using it with anything but a controller. It supports 4 player local coop for the story and fighting modes. Knocking your friends or AI off of a platform and watching them fail to return is familiar but fun. Reptile Games has put together a really tight package that I hope people pay attention to.

Developer: Reptile Games
Genre: platformer arena beat ’em up with heavy customization
Price: $14.99, Buy this game
Platform(s): Steam, PC, Mac, Linux, GOG, Desura


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