Have Game, Will Play: Girl Fight

Have Game, Will Play: Girl Fight

Girl Fight is a fighting game featuring scantily clad women. I am not a fighting game connoisseur so I am not a reliable source on how deep the fighting system is. However Girl Fight is a mechanically sound fighting game. As an admitted button-masher, I was able to pull of some cool combos and counters.

Unlocking new costumes, Psi abilities and, as far as I can tell, complexions are the rewards for going through the single player mode multiple times. Psi abilities are not just offensive. Steel skin, flaming skin and health leeching are available in addition to tools like seismic fist and mind blast.

Chances are you will know if you’re into a game like Girl Fight without even playing it. You can play Girl Fight on the couch with your friends or online. Girl Fight is not the best fighter around but for the price it’s worth trying, if you can handle the bouncing and objectification.

Developer/Publisher: Kung Fu Factory/Microprose(Majesco Entertainment)
Genre: fighting
Price: $9.99, Buy it if you’re into this type of game, if not wait for a sale
Platform: Xbox 360, XBLA, PS3, PSN



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