Have Game, Will Play: Furmins

Furmins began as an iOS game and has been ported to the PS Vita(US) and the PS3(EU). It is a set-up and see style puzzle game. You must use the environment to set up a path for the Furmins to exit a level, by way of a basket. Bumpers, platforms, cannons, slopes, curves and more are at your disposal to get the Furmins from point A to point B.

Each level in Furmins offers players an opportunity to set up their conveyance path of choice and the action portion puts it to the test. I encountered some tricky jumps and slopes but that challenge is good and kept me playing.

During my recorded gameplay session I was not aware that this was an iOS game. In all fairness I will admit that I did make a comment that the game seemed like a mobile port and that the $5.99 price tag might be a deterrent to some. The game is really fun but if the handheld console “tax” included price is too steep you should consider buying the iOS version.

Developer: Housemarque/Beatshapers
Publisher: Housemarque/Beatshapers
Genre: fast paced puzzle game
Price: $5.99 Buy it. Looks and plays great on the Vita.
Platform(s): PS Vita, PS3, iOS


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