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Have Game, Will Play: Divekick

Stupidly simple controls without compromising strategy, ridiculous characters and humor; finally a fighting game for the rest of us. Divekick is an ironic fighting game parody where you use two buttons to give and avoid damage. That’s it, two buttons! One is to dive(into the air aka jumping) and the other is for kicking downward at a variety of angles, one hit is all it takes to win. Rounds can can be anywhere from 2-5 per match with a maximum of 20 seconds(10 minumum) per round. You pick a fighter from a cast of goofy characters and let the hilarity ensue. Each character has two techniques labled A(air) and G(ground), these abilities build up as you divekick throughout your matches. The techniques are analogous to special moves. Building your meter up all the way causes your character to glow red and move significantly faster. Kicking your opponent in the head results in a headshot, which leaves them stunned for a few seconds in the next round. Needless to say, there is some strategy in Divekick. Iron Galaxy developed Divekick for the Vita and PS3, it is also a cross-buy game. If you own a PS3, Vita or both, you need to pick this game up.

Platform(s): PS3, Vita(cross-buy)
Price: $10, buy it at $10
Players: Solo, couch coop, online
Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios, One True Game Studios
Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios
Genre: fighting


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