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Have Game, Will Play: Beatbuddy Tale of the Guardians

Music inspired platforming games are popping up all over the place. To many they are like chocolate and peanut butter, while they don’t taste very good the platformer and music game genres do have their followings and work very well together. Beatbuddy has taken that initial combination and tweaked the formula a bit and allowed it to get wet. The game takes place under water. As Beatbuddy you interact within a rhythmic environment where crabs, coral and other sea dwellers are high-hats, snare drums, basses and more. The entire game pulsates to a hypnotic beat, that at least early on, I wish was more consistent. This is likely due to the in-game tutorial showing players the ropes. But when you play on beat it really is a delight. The game even incorporates music from Austin Wintory, Parov Stelar, Sabrepulse and La Rochelle. The plot revolves around Prince Maestro’s ultimate goal of controlling music. Our aforementioned protagonist must overcome to puzzles, use vehicles like the Bubble Buggy, defeat or avoid enemies and clear new paths to save music from Prince Maestro’s clutches. This game oozes with charm and having awesome music never hurts.

Developer: Threaks
Publisher: Reverb Publishing
Genre: Action-Adventure
Price: $14.99, Buy for $10
Release date: August 06, 2013
Platform(s): PC(Steam), Linux and Mac

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