Shu – 2.5D platformer coming soon from CoatSink/Secret Lunch PS4/Vita/PC

      Shu – out 10/4 The end of the world is pursuing you – how fast can you run? Shu is a colorful 2.5D platformer with a focus on running and rescuing. For further updates: Developers: Coatsink Software Social Media: Facebook, Twitter Shu Twitter hashtag :#ShuGame Shu game … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep276: Gleaming the Kyub or The Minish Mike

 GameEnthus Podcast ep276: Gleaming the Kyub or The Minish Mike This week Chris and Martin, makers of Kyub(@KyubTheGame), join Mike(@AssaultSuit), Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Kyub, ID@Xbox, Bit Summit, Japanese Indie Scene, Pokemon GO, Vita, Near, Summer Games Done Quickly, The West Wing, Lost in Space, Overwatch, Orange is the New Black, Notch, ArtScape, GameScape, … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep275: Spiderman GO or HDR Pastry Nits

GameEnthus Podcast ep275: Spiderman GO or HDR Pastry Nits This week Rachel(@RacialRachel) joins Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Pokemon Go, Twitch, The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Rick and Morty, Ingress, Split/Second, Wii Speak, Red Steel, Link’s Crossbow Training, Game of Thrones, Juno, Jupiter, Summer Games Done Quick, Extra Life, Battlefield Earth, Jaws, Deep … Continue Reading →

Stranger of Sword City – Xbox One Review

Howdy folks, My friends call me Goose. I’m an RPG Methuselah who enjoys gaming on all platforms throughout the decades. I’m the kind of RPG enthusiast who imports JRPGs without translation just to play them. I’d like to thank Aaron for giving me the opportunity to post a review on … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep246: 10:35? or Quick Time Event Horizon

GameEnthus Podcast ep246: 10:35? or Quick Time Event Horizon This week Trav Pope (@TravPope) from The En(formerly enConnected) joins Mike (@AssaultSuit) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about:  Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, Her, The En, Enconnected, Xbox One, The En Word Podcast, AcornTV, House of Cards, Lost, Mad Men, Knight … Continue Reading →

Playing: Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows

Playing: Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows Aaron plays Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight expansion, Plague of Shadows. *No commentary* Link(s): Contact us: See more at: Find the podcast at:

GameEnthus Podcast ep230: Hella Lean Pockets or Out of Tokens

 GameEnthus Podcast ep230: Hella Lean Pockets or Out of Tokens This week Aaron (@Ind1fference) is joined by Tanya (@Cypheroftyr) from #INeedDiverseGames and Fresh out of Tokens and Aladdin (@MrGlasco) from to talk about: Twitch, audacity, Fresh Out of Tokens, Justice Points, diversity, Paste Games, King of The Nerds, Unbreakable, unions, Christopher Lee, … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep226: Drew Hill or #GamingLooksGood

This week Tiny(@Tiny415) , Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) chat with Shareef(@ShareefJackson) from , Operation Cublicle and #GamingLooksGood about: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China, Captain Forever Remix, GTA V, Default Dan, Slow Down Bull, Splatoon Test Fire, Mario Kart 8, Pancake, Injustice, Super Smash Bros, Disney Infinity, Lego Batman 3, Kick and Fennick, … Continue Reading →

Pax East 2015: Severed Interview with Drinkbox Studios

Aaron talks to Graham Smith co -founder of Drinkbox Studios about their upcoming first person epic adventure Severed for the PS Vita. Links

Have Game, Will Play: Minutes PS4 Review

  Minutes tasks players with filling in an empty ring by moving it around and coming in contact with light colored lines, line segments, beams and even smaller color-shifting rings. Sounds simple but you only have 60 seconds to complete each level. Of course this is in addition to the … Continue Reading →

MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: ShutShimi Interview

Aaron talks to Wayne Kubiak about the quick interval horizontal muscle fish shoot ’em up ShutShimi. Links

Have Game, Will Play: Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Vita

If you have the desire to control a cartoony school girl or school girl warrior as she punches her peers, monsters, passersby and business men in the face, Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is the game for you. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is an homage to the classic 16-bit era side-scrolling beat’em up. … Continue Reading →

Have Game, Will Play: Run Like Hell!

Like many infinite runners, Run Like Hell! started its life on mobile platforms. The Vita, never wanting to be left behind, now has its own version. Run Like Hell! follows a man named Joe whose design was clearly influenced by Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame. Joe is on a tropical … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus ep196: 6-7 Min Abs or Something About Buckets

This week the Robby(@GnTRobby1051) from Gameentalk joins Mike(@Assaultsuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: CounterSpy, Diablo III, The Last of Us, Kung Fu Rabbit, The Golf Club, The Last Fortune, Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty, Amazing Princess Sarah, Sly Cooper, Fez, WRC FIA, ALSA, Child of Light, Another World, Out of This … Continue Reading →

Have Game, Will Play: 1001 Spikes

There is a story in (Aban Hawkins)1001 Spikes however the focus of this game is platforming. Not just any platforming, 1001 Spikes’ pinpoint controls are utilized in extremely difficult and unforgiving levels. Spikes, boulders, water, falls, dart-projecting statues and more are ready and willing to kill you at any moment … Continue Reading →

Just Playing Through: 1001 Spikes on PS4

Listen and watch Aaron chat and fail at 1001 Spikes on the PS4. Genre: extremely difficult platformer Developer: Nicalis Publisher: 8bits Fanatics Platforms: Cross-buy(PS4, Vita) Steam, 3DS, Wii U Price: $14.99

Have Game, Will Play: Jet Car Stunts

The popular and well-received mobile racer, Jet Car Stunts has made its way to the PC. Jet Car Stunts is advertised as a racing platformer, which is largely accurate. The tracks you race on are very segmented and require you to use the jet boost to continue to the finish … Continue Reading →

Have Game, Will Play: Titan Attacks!

The team at Puppy Games really likes the arcade classic Space Invaders quite a bit. So much so that they made a love letter to it. Their latest release,  Titan Attacks!**, is more than enough evidence. Waves of enemies will move back and forth at the top of screen and … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep180: Openly Linear or Dye Hard

This week Ahmed and Khalil from Decoy Games(@DecoyGames) join Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Swimsanity, indie development, OctoDad, Kinect Sports Rivals, Assault Android Cactus, Broforce, Trials Fusion, Strike Suit Zero, TitanFall, Ducktales, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania Circle of the Moon, Wolf of Wall Street, Boondocks, Sleeping … Continue Reading →

Have Game, Will Play: Fez on PS4

Fez is a pure puzzle platformer. There’s no combat, no enemies, no death penalty and no time limit. It is a game that encourages exploration and cooperation with others(playing concurrently or previously). Fez is about a world that needs to be rebooted. However the only person who knows that is … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep170: Buns of Pork or Lukewarm Runnings

This week Mikey(@Passthemstickss) and Tym(@VTTym) converse with Mike(@AssaultSuit) Tiny(@Tiny415)and Aaron (@Ind1fference) about: OlliOlli, PS4 remote play, Guild Wars 2, Candy Box 2, Dungeon Keeper 2, Assassin’s Creed Liberation, Quiznos, League of Extraordinay Gentlemen, Subway, Cessnas, Archer,, Assassin’s Creed 4, Dead Rising 3, NBA 2K14, Resident Evil 4,, Killer … Continue Reading →

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Runner 2 sprints onto the Vita.  How does it fare?  Let’s have a look!

Have Game, Will Play: Stick it to The Man

Ray is a hard hat tester. He lives in a flat, paper-like world and one day after work he has an accident. The result is a pink neon arm, and hand, sticking out of his head. This hand gives Ray the ability to read other people’s minds. This ability coupled … Continue Reading →

Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (PS Vita)

Turn back the clock for a slightly younger Batman in Arkham Origins Blackgate.  How does he fare?  Let’s have a look!

Have Game, Will Play: Proteus

Pure exploration is the best way I can describe Proteus. You have islands filled with musical stones, beaches, trees, huts, day/night cycles, weather, rabbit-like creatures to interact with and more. It is quite tempting to expound upon a game like Proteus as an allegory for some world cause or event. … Continue Reading →