Too Human Demo Hands-on


Cut-scenes and a mini boss fight


More combat gameplay

Well after 10 years of talk, 3 different proposed systems, and several 1up Yours rants Too Human is finally playable for the gaming masses in the form of a 360 demo.  Having very little knowledge of Norse mythology I probably should have read up a little bit prior to playing the demo.  This game has a long history and recently the President of Silicon Knights(developer of Too Human), Dennis Dyack, upped the ante with a wager with some NeoGaf users.  I really want him to win his wager. Something inside me really wants to see Too Human defy all that critics and detractors and become highly successful.

Too Human’s controls seem like they will take some getting used to. I really wanted the right analog stick to control the camera. However, players can press the left bumper to switch to Baldur’s curren view. Combat was another aspect that I didn’t really get a good grasp on but some more time with TH can remedy that.  The types of enemies I faced seemed limited but that’s expected with a demo. My interest has definetly increased having completed the 40+ min demo. The full game should be out in a couple weeks and I look forward to putting some time into it.

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