Superfrog HD HG, WP

Have Game, Will Play: Superfrog HD

Team17 Digital, creators of Worms, has gone back and pulled a long forgotten and relatively unknown platformer out of the past and given it a nice new coat of paint. I had never even heard of Superfrog before this remake was announced. I had a PC growing up, not an Amiga though, and this title simply escaped me. Nevertheless it is still an enjoyable platformer. However it is really simple, perhaps too simple for folks who are used to playing Mario platformers and the new Rayman titles.

Superfrog HD is a collect-a-thon(many optional items to pick-up) but not in the same way that a Banjo-Kazooie game is, as it’s easy to get most of them. The levels are one large environment with numerous secret areas to discover. I found myself obsessed about collecting all the plentiful jewels, coins, potions and trinkets throughout virtually every corner of the stages. Due to my unfamiliarity with the original game I was caught off guard by the enemies, birds, that were not susceptible to me jumping on their heads. In addition to the jump attack you can pick up these green creatures that can be thrown at enemies. These living green projectiles do come back to you, just make sure you stay in the same place to retrieve them. Team 17 even recreated some of the original levels, that are unlocked after you complete the HD versions.

My brief time with the game did not reveal any winks or nods as this game is simple because the game it is derived from is as well. The PS3 and Vita versions are crossbuy and all versions contain a level creator. Currently those levels cannot be shared though(on PS3 and Vita, not sure about the PC version).  I fully recognize that for some it is tough to return to the days of old but for me jumping and collecting a plethora of items was fun then and still is.

Developer: Team17 Digital
Genre: platformer
Price: $9.99, Buy it for $9.99 if you like retro platformers or have nostalgia for the original. Best value is buying for PS3/Vita for $10
Platform(s): PC, Mac, PS Vita, PS3