Travel is EXPENSIVE!


Shocking I know, but with the different events I want to go to in 2016 (MAGfest, Extra Life United, PAX East, etc), I wanted to challenge myself to fund the trips a different way. After some long thought and nearly being crushed by an avalanche of stuff from my basement closet, it came to me – Ebay!


Above is a picture of what I pulled out of the closet. Most of this stuff is new in box and has only experienced wear from me moving (editor’s note: Tiny moved into his current place almost 4 years ago). The majority of this stuff is toys, statues or video games. Almost all stuff that I was given as swag or won in a sweepstakes. The red box with The Crew on it is actually a DJ MAX Fever limited edition bundle that I won some how, but the PSP game, puzzle, and soundtrack are all sealed.

Anyway, I figured I would do a running blog and see if I can meet my challenge.  Wish me luck!


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