Real Boxing PS Vita

Have Game, Will Play: Real Boxing PS Vita

For the 7 people who have been waiting for a boxing game for the PS Vita, the wait is over. Real Boxing is here. Vivid Games has developed the premier, and only, boxing simulation for the PS Vita.

Graphically Real Boxing is a mixed bag. The boxers look pretty good and have some noticeable detail. However some of the animation appeared a bit janky but never ruined my experience. The hair quality ranges from serviceable to awful but who out there plays a boxing game to focus on hair?

In the ring the game reminded me of the most recent Fight Night games because of the analog controls. The dpad and face buttons can be used to control your boxer’s left and right arms. However even with that option you still have to control your pugilist with the left analog stick. Nevertheless I chose to use the right analog stick to throw punches. It was responsive and fairly easy to use. Because Real Boxing is more of a boxing simulator there are clinch and countering systems as well. The ability to clinch only becomes available when your energy bar is almost empty. Clinching was something I employed to get a health boost during difficult fights. Pressing the L and R buttons in concert with a gyroscopic mini-game is the implementation for clinching. Countering was something that frustrated me a bit as I could not do it consistently. Tapping the R button while your opponent throws a punch slows everything down and allows you to counter punch and do 3 times the damage of a regular punch. When it worked it was great however I found myself getting countered far more often.

I was less than enthused by the poorly designed mini-games to increase speed and strength. They can be played outside of the career mode. I can only assume that spending time with the career mode enables you to augment your speed, power and countering abilities with in-the-ring experience. All in all, Real Boxing is rough around the edges but ultimately provides a fun,challenging(at times) boxing sim.

Developer: Vivid Games
Publisher: dimoso ?
Genre: boxing simulation, boxing
Price: $9.99, Buy it at $9.99 if you like boxing sims
Platform(s): Playstation Vita, PS Vita, iOS

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