Pro Foosball PS3

Have Game, Will Play: Pro Foosball PS3

This game has reinforced the notion that I am not good at Foosball, in any form. Pro Foosball has several modes of play. Kick About is a quick match mode. Foos Championship is main single player mode. The Skill Center is a bare bones, almost helpful tutorial mode and Foos Madnesss is the highlight offering some fun and quirky ways of playing foosball.

Pro Foosball has some serious control issues. I used a dualshock 3 to play it but it is also move compatible. While using the DS3 I would constantly see face button notifications that when pressed never worked. Even using the analog sticks or trigger buttons just felt off. Initially I felt like maybe I was playing it wrong or poorly, which I was, but the less than responsive controls certainly didn’t help.

Developer: Quirkat
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: foosball
Price: $7.99, I would not recommend this game.
Platform(s): PS3