NHS ep3: Intolerant Lactose or Let the right one…Out

A show about nothing and everything with high aspirations.

Topics include: Penguin hardship, The Munsters, harpy co-workers, Blueberry, French Comics, Bruce Bruce, Happy Feet, strange fetishes, Yahoo Serious and more

Hosts: Aaron(@Ind1fference)/@Sliderwave

Guests: Judex Jones(@JudexJones) and @Adjective_J


Available on itunes and Stitcher now

    (coming soon)

Show Length: 115 min Direct Download


Judex’s Blog

Adjective J’s Blog

M. Night Shyamalan


Sliderwave’s Comic Blog




Bob Seger – Shakedown
Stevie Wonder – I Believe
Stevie Wonder – You Will Know
Stevie Wonder – Another Star
Stevie Wonder – Do I Do
ATCQ – Footprints                

Raphael Saadiq – Just One Kiss

The Munsters Theme

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