Lost Winds, glad I found you


Video Review

With all the hoopla about Wiiware’s lack of storage space many of us forgot about the most important point, the games. I don’t think that Wiiware is the second coming or anything but one title in its launch really stands out. Coincidentally it was the only Wiiware launch title that initially caught my eye, Lost Winds. I am only about 2.5 hours into it but I can’t put it down. It is the only game I’ve played this week and that means a lot in a post-GTA release world. Some of the other WW(Wiiware) launch titles look a bit suspect. Pop, I am looking at you. Lost Winds is a platformer that allows you to use gusts of wind to scale the environment, solve puzzles and defeat enemies. You control Toku who with the help of Enril, a wind element, must defeat a vengeful previously imprisoned elemental named Balasar. The gameplay is simple and the difficulty so far has ramped up appropriately. Gusts of wind are in your control to interact with fire, earth(rocks) and water to solve easy and pause worthy puzzles. Multiplayer is something I have yet to try but that would be icing on the cake. Bottom Line: $10 well spent.

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