Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut PS3/PS Vita

Have Game, Will Play: Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

You are alone in an apartment. You are a nameless man wearing a surgical mask. The mask is worn because of a disease that caused most of the world’s population to turn into zombie-like creatures. Despite needing rest you cannot lie in bed forever. You must search for other survivors, supplies and maybe even a way out.

Lone Survivor is a retro-styled survival horror game. It has elements that harken back to point and click adventures but it isn’t one. Players must guide the survivor through the apartment building avoiding the creatures while keeping insanity and hunger at bay. As expected, the survivor’s isolation and situation causes hallucinations which are creepy and actually provide some situational context. The sound design in Lone Survivor is really good and can definitely get your heart pumping. I’d recommend playing with headphones, if possible.

Having grown up playing point and click adventures as well as surival horror games Lone Survivor does a good job scratching that itch. The renaissance of point and click may be on its way out but I think there is definitely room for a game that borrows from the genre but puts its own eerie twist on it.

Developer: Jasper Byrne
Publisher: Superfiat Games
Genre: survival horror
Price: $12.99 for PS Vita/PS3, If you like point and click games and/or survival horror games BUY this game.
Platform(s): PS Vita, PS3(cross buy and save), Steam, Humble Store Mac OS, Linux