Killzone 2, quite the looker but…


Well it’s out, the long-awaited, fanboy heralded, Sony first-party exclusive FPS is in stores. I picked up my copy on friday and have been having a good time with it. But after a lengthly multiplayer session on saturday I thought to myself, why all the craziness over this game? Does it look great? Sure. Does is sound incredible? No doubt. But what else does it do particularly well? Not much. The leveling system is fun but didn’t quite hook me like CoD4/WaW. One might ask is it fair to even compare them? Of course it is, one of the most hyped games in the last couple of years begs to be compared especially to other titles in the same genre.  The controls also take some time to get used to. The DS3 does its job when you are in the middle of a fire fight, but all too well. The controller rumbles so much it becomes hard to aim. That type of  realism is better suited for games that take place on Earth, not Helghan. The multiplayer modes are the usual fair and the ability to rotate them is a really nice touch. Please do not some of my small complaints give you the impression that I don’t like the game, I do.  However it just does not offer anything as fun or polished(control-wise) as CoD or Halo.  But in a world with DLC and patches, that can be remedied. All in all KZ2 has a future, it has not launched broken like another Sony exlusive, and chances are I will be there playing it.

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