Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep 3 and 4

Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep3 A Crooked Mile


Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep4 In Sheep’s Clothing

The Wolf Among us is a graphic adventure adaptation based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham. This game was released in October of 2013 following-up Telltales Games’ immensely popular The Walking Dead season 1.

Bigby Wolf(aka The Big Bad Wolf) is the sheriff in a small community called Fabletown. Fabletown is located in what seems to be a present-day version of Manhattan. The various fable characters like Mr. Toad, Snow White, Ichabod Crane, Beauty, Beast, The Woodsman and many others purchase expensive magic called glamours to conceal their true forms, should that be necessary.

Anyone familiar with Telltale Games’ previous work will immediately understand and grasp the gameplay of The Wolf Among Us. Even if this is your first Telltale game the learning curve is minimal. Finding objects in the world to interact with is the primary mechanic along with dialogue selections that effect how the game plays out. There are also a handful of action sequences that are very well executed. I went into The Wolf Among Us not knowing what to expect, especially since I was not familiar with the Fables comics. Being a big fan of The Walking Dead Season 1 I wasn’t sure how it would stack up. Having completed episodes 1-4, I can safely say that The Wolf Among Us is on par with The Walking Dead if not better. Some of the strange quirks and bugs that were present in The Walking Dead series have been removed from the game’s engine. Whether you are new to the Fables books or not this game is really well done and deserves your attention.

Genre: point and click, interactive adventure
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games


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