HG, WP: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD

Developer MercurySteam released the original Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate for the 3DS in March of 2013. The game was not well-received. The expectations around it were very high due to the successful reboot of the Castlevania series on console. Furthermore the high quality of handheld Castlevania games that goes back as far as the Gameboy Advance meant that MercurySteam was expected to make a game on the level of Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin or even Symphony of The Night. Unfortunately Mirror of Fate fell short and seemed almost too ambitious for the the 3DS, due to it having a graphical style similar to the Lords of Shadow reboot.

The plot of Mirror of Fate revolves around the recently orphaned Simon Belmont. The murder of his parents, Trevor and Sypha Belmont, by associates of Dracula at the age of 6 have left him alone. Despite being adopted and raised by a family his desire for vengeance remained, as well is should. That hunger for revenge leads him away from his family and closer to his destiny.

Having played the 3DS game I can safely say that the HD port is an improvement. While I’m not overly familiar with the precedent of 3DS to console ports, the graphics are in HD and the visual combat cues are better highlighted thus making combat much more enjoyable. The map and overall design of the environments was another issue I had with the original game. It seems like there was a desire to create a layout similar to that of Symphony of the Night but only half of that effort was implemented. That does not make Mirror of Fate HD a bad game. It is fun and plays quite well on console but at times I could not help but compare it to much better Castlevania games. That being said, $15 is a good price-point and if you were curious about the 3DS game you should definitely play this version.

Developer: MercurySteam
Publisher: Konami
Genre: action-adventure
Price: $14.99 But it, runs better on console than the 3DS
Platform(s): Xbox 360, XBLA, PS3, PSN


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