Have Game, Will Play: Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark

Stealth Inc. was previously known as Stealth Bastard. I suspect that the title might have changed for marketing reasons. That’s not really important. What is significant is that Stealth Inc. is a fun puzzle platformer where you are tasked with stealthily guiding a clone to the exit of every level. Sounds simple right? It can be and it can also leave you scratching your head. The game gives you hints and even chides you with text messages on the walls of the levels. It sort of reminded me of Splinter Cell Conviction. The green glowing goggles do their part too. A couple of the hints early on seemed a bit obtuse but usually the hints were very helpful and the criticisms of my failures were justified. Robots, lasers, cameras and turret guns will do their best to impede your progress. The game functions relatively the same whether played on the PS3 or the Vita. I did notice a slight pause at the end of the levels on the PS3 version but that’s a minor issue. I did not get a chance to use it but a create a level mode is present however at this time I don’t think there is a way to share your creations. This is also a crossbuy game so for $10 you can play it everywhere and you’ll want to. It’s fun and you’ll feel smart when you complete the levels, nothing wrong with that.


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