Got PS3 Firmware 2.41, now what……

Comparing feature sets between PSN and XBL has always been a point of contention between fans of either system or even of both systems. So the rumor about 2.40 was very exciting. That excitement and hype was further heightened by Sony confirming that the rumors were true. Now that everyone has a chance to experience in-game XMB, is it all that we hoped? I cannot acurrately answer for ‘we’ but for myself the answer is, no. This is not a MS fanboy rant or rationalization. I do favor the 360 because of it’s community features which the PSN is slowly getting. I do like the in-game XMB, but the real issue is that because I had not been able to easily communicate with people on my PSN list, I don’t really feel the need to now. I just like knowing that I can.

The trohpies sounded great too but only one game has them and obviously it’s not a part of the PS3 spec to include trophy support for games. I really like Resistance FOM, but it will have no trophy support. That seems odd as it’s a game published my Sony. Perhaps Insomniac is so busy working on Resistance 2 that this was a lower priority. Who knows? 2.41 is here, it works but I went without it for so long I fear that I may not really use it.

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