GameEnthus Podcast ep368: Names Taken, Stuff Kicked, Respect Earned or Well Enema

GameEnthus Podcast ep368: Names Taken, Stuff Kicked, Respect Earned or Well Enema

This week Mandy (@LadyLuck34) joins Mike (@AssaultSuit)Tiny (@Tiny415) and  Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Reggie Fils-Aime, Gamertag Radio, Tetris99, Rocket League, The Umbrella Academy, The Lego Movie 2, DropMix, Pax East, Superstore, The Last Dragon, The Office, Lego Batman, Will Smith, The Matrix, Apex Legends, Fluxx, Crackdown 3, Ingress, Terry Crews, Minesweeper Genius, Wargroove, Treasure Stack, Road Redemption, Battle Princess Madelyn, Odallus, Olli Olli Switch Stance, Battlefield V, Fortnite, PUBG, Mass Effect 3, Degrees of Separation, Dragon Marked for Death, Daemon Machina, Scalebound, Ori and the Blind Forest, ArenaNet, Tharsis  and more. 


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Intro/Mandy’s anecdotes   1m 13sec

Mike’s anecdotes             12m 13sec

Tiny’s anecdotes              19m 43sec

Aaron’s anecdotes            39m 56sec

Mandy’s games                56m 39sec

Mike’s games                     1h 09min

Tiny’s games                      1h 55min

Aaron’s games                    2h 10min

Outro                                 2h 25min

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Show Music    

Nas – Memory Lane instrumental
The Roots – Clones instrumental
Jay-Z – U Don’t Know instrumental
Scarface – Guess Who’s Back instrumental
Jay-Z/Pharrel – Frontin’ instrumental
Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot instrumental
De La Soul – Plug Tunin’ instrumental
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Truth Enola – The Voicestress instrumental

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