GameEnthus Podcast ep250: Finding Carver or Appliances Y’all!

GameEnthus Podcast ep250: Finding Carver or Appliances Y’all!

This week Slider (@Sliderwave), Scar (@Scarfinger), from GeeksGoneRaw, Mike (@AssaultSuit),  Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) talk about: Luke Cage, Spartan Locke, Roger and Zap, Extra Life, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Just Dance, iPad Pro, Windows RT, PS Vita, PSTV, Ultimate Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, PS2 Backward Compatibility, Gears of War Ultimate, Halo Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, Pepsi Perfect, Crystal Pepsi, Time Capsule, Craig Robinson, Starbucks, Alienware Alpha, Towerfall, Rashanii, The Dr3am Team, Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pies, Star Wars Episode 7, Drumline 2, Drumline, Whitney Houston, New Edition movie, Steve Jobs movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley, The Wiz Live, Christopher Walken, Roc, Charles S. Dutton, Zoo, Master of None, Azziz Ansari, The Flash, Heroes Reborn, Jessica Jones, Gotham, The End of Your Childhood Podcast, Morph, Cree Summer, TMNT, The Neverending Story, Columbo, Wasteland 2, GERPS, Screamride, Evolve, They GeekdomCon, The Princess Bride, Snatcher, Electric Slide, Very Bad Things, Vaudeville, NBA 2K16, Gears of War Judgement, Gears of War 3, Rock Band Customs, Prisons Architect,, MAGfest, Star Wars Battlefront, Guitar Hero Live, Fallout 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Hot Pockets, Creed, Rocky movies, NBA JAM On Fire Edition, Rise of The Tomb Raider, Rainbow Six Vegas, Toto Temple Deluxe, Wonder Boy III Monster Lair, GameHounds, Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Siege, Idris Elba, James Bond villians, Book of Spells, Resistance, Shaq Fu and more.



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Snoop Dogg – Still a G Thing instrumental 

Soul 4 Real – Every Little Thing You Do instrumental 

Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz instrumental

Billy Lawrence – Come On instrumental 

Next – Too Close instrumental 

Tina Turner – Private Dancer

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Ninja Gaiden – Act 2 Scene 1

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The Delfonics – Ready or Not

Da Youngstas – Pass Da Mic instrumental 

Rick James/Smokey Robinson – Ebony Eyes




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