GameEnthus’ Game of the Year Roundup

GameEnthus’s Game of the Year

(AssaultSuit, Tiny415, ModEPS, Ben)


Honorable Mention:



In addition to Game of the Year, we built a list of different categories. Check them out below.

Best Free to Play Game:Marvel-Heroes-logo-wallpaper

AssaultSuit/Mike: World Series of Poker: Full House Pro

Ben: Rainbow Six Vegas (Xbox Gold Games for Free)

Tiny415:  Marvel Heroes, Card Hunter, Marvel: Avengers Alliance


Ind1fference/Aaron: Ascend: Hand of Kul




Favorite Game of 2012, which I finally playedSleeping_Dogs_-_Square_Enix_video_game_cover

AssaultSuit/Mike: Sleeping Dogs

Ben: Sleeping Dogs

Tiny415: Borderlands 2 (and all the DLC)

ModEPS: Mass Effect 3 (and all the DLC)

Ind1fference/Aaron: Thomas Was Alone, Mark of the Ninja, Asura’s Wrath, Dishonored






Games I should have played this yearOfficial_cover_art_for_Bioshock_Infinite

AssaultSuit/Mike: Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider

Ben: Halo 4, Bioshock Infinite

Tiny415: Fire Emblem Awakening, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

ModEPS: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Ind1fference/Aaron: Device 6, Papers Please






Most Played Game of 2013saints-row-4-box-art-cover

AssaultSuit/Mike: Saints Row IV

Ben: Saints Row IV

Tiny415: Saints Row IV

ModEPS: Defiance

Ind1fference/Aaron: Bioshock: Infinite




Best Independent Game of 2013


AssaultSuit/Mike:  The Last Fortune

Ben: The Walking Dead Season 1

Tiny415:  Gone Home, Brothers, Monaco, Rogue Legacy

ModEPS:  Spelunky

Ind1fference/Aaron: One Finger Death Punch



Biggest Disappointmentdownload

AssaultSuit/Mike: Doritos Crash Course 2

Ben: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Tiny415: Pacific Rim

ModEPS: Disney Infinity

Ind1fference/Aaron: Xbox One UI, Cranky Kong announcement


Most Anticipated Game (Based on the how you interrupted the title of the category)2309326-watchdogs

AssaultSuit/Mike: The Walking Dead Season 2, Shovel Knight, Ninja Gaiden Z

Ben: Watch Dogs, Telltale Game of Thrones

Tiny415: Titanfall, Destiny, South Park and the Stick of Truth

ModEPS: Watch Dogs, Telltale Game of Thrones

Ind1fference/Aaron: Transistor from Super Giant Games





Games you like, which was critically panned AKA The TellTale Jurassic Park Memorial Award316581-1__medium

AssaultSuit/Mike: N/A

Ben: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Tiny415: Wonderful 101

ModEPS: Defiance

Ind1fference/Aaron: LocoCycle


Favorite Multiplatform GameSpelunky

AssaultSuit/Mike: Saints Row 4

Ben: Saints Row 4, Assassin’s Creed 4

Tiny415: Injustice: Gods Among Us, Disney Infinity

ModEPS:  Spelunky

Ind1fference/Aaron: Cloud Berry Kingdom, Tomb Raider


Favorite New Technologyroombaipad

AssaultSuit/Mike: Chromecast

Ben: N/A

Tiny415: Roomba (that destroy’s Ipads)

ModEPS: Vita TV, Samsung Note 3

Ind1fference/Aaron: The Ouya





Favorite DLC of 2013BSIDLC-Burial_at_Sea_Episode_One_KeyArt

AssaultSuit/Mike: N/A

Ben: Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Tiny415: The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep, Burial at Sea

ModEPS: Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us

Ind1fference/Aaron: Burial at Sea (Bioshock Infinite), Luigi U, Mark of the Ninja SE w/Commentary





Favorite New FeatureScreen-Shot-2013-02-20-at-3.33.55-PM-580x327

AssaultSuit/Mike: Remote Play, Unified Nintendo Accounts

Ben: N/A

Tiny415: Remote Play, Better Kinect Commands

ModEPS: Remote Play

Ind1fference/Aaron: Remote Play 



Worst Game of 2013


AssaultSuit/Mike: Ride to Hell: Retribution

Ben: Too Human

Tiny415: Aliens: Colonial Marines

ModEPS: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Ind1fference/Aaron: TMNT: Out of the Sewers, Double Dragon II: Wanderer of the Dragon



Most Played Retro Game of the YearNoMercyGameBox

AssaultSuit/Mike:  RBI 3

Ben: Saints Row 2

Tiny415: The Blizzard Catalog

ModEPS: Mark Echo’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Ind1fference/Aaron: WWF No Mercy




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