GameEnthus Podcast ep95: Drop it Lukewarm or Sounds Like Sin?

Topics:Max Payne 3, Minecraft, Diablo 3, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Motoheroz, Trials Evolution, Hip-Hop, Jam Live Music Arcade, 38 Studios, Stan Lee, Sonic4 Ep2, Fez and more.

Guests: Sam(@Imonahorse) from Geeks with Color and Lance(@MPC_Hero)

GE Hosts: @BigRob029, Dave@Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit) & Aaron(@Ind1fference)

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Intro – Ghostface Killah ft. Missy – Push instrumental

Break 1 – Artifacts – Wrong Side of da Tracks instrumental

Break 2 – Chuck Brown – Bustin’ Loose RIP

Break 3 – Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now

Break 4 – Donna Summer – Last Dance RIP

Outro – Singstar – Festival

ShowCap – Santigold – Go!

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  1. While I can definitely empathize with the idea behind the words. I take very minor disrespect at anyone disparaging Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (47:00). That game was one of the few game that very likely perfected it’s gameplay. Every step of the way you felt the game actually rooting for you. It’s like the developers actually wanted everyone to be able to see the ending. Whereas most games feel like it’s a competition between you and the developer trying to hide the ending only for the best of the best of the best SIR. My indignation is an exaggeration but for real I never needed any help completing that game.

    No beef with my question as I said. It was just an odd thing that popped in my head and for the most part I agree with the sentiment on the show. I did enjoy the conversation and that’s mostly what I was trying to get out of it. Btw I had a friend who never knew Rah Diggah was a chick.

    Whoa.. Nikki Lynette. I read her blog post about “Things my white friends can do for me during Black History month” ages ago. I actually made fun of her on twitter for reviewing movies. Like I need a rapper to review movies but for real no beef with her. I think she’s interesting as a person. A bit stuck up but no more so than pretty much everyone else.

    I don’t care if you don’t like female MCs as long as you aren’t just writing them off. It’s like if you say you don’t like black girls that’s a different thing from saying I’ve never met a black girl that I liked (John Mayer apparently). In this case I just hope he meant he’s never found a female MC that he likes and that’s basically the impression I got.

    LOL at MTV Jams.

    All things aside I still fully appreciate the idea of putting a movie and the game on the disc. I’ve said it since the beginning of bluray and I’ll say it till I die. They should do this with EVERY movie. Obviously you can’t fit mega games like Uncharted on a BD with a powerhouse movie like Avengers but Watchmen has some small games. Put those on a BD disc. Instead of rushing movie tie in games put small effective games with licensed character on your BD that plays in my PS3. When Dreamworks makes another Shrek movie put the Shrek minigame compilation on the BD. That is something that would get me to buy BDs.

    I buy movies that I like and want to watch again and again. I watch Eurotrip regularly. Scott Pilgrim will likely be a repeat watch. Buying discs will never and should never go away. It gives ME control instead of the studio.

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