GameEnthus Podcast ep92: Circle of Geek or Areola Assault

Topics: Indie Game The Movie, Ninja Gaiden 3, Fez, Skype for Vita, BloodForge, Deep Black ep1, Dragon’s Dogma, 3DS update, The Walking Dead(game) ep1, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Louis CK, The Carlton, The World Ends With You, Spartacus, Hero Academy, Tech N9ne, paintball and more.

Guests: Erick(@Nightmare452) from The Geek Effect, @Rashanii from SingleSimulcast and Chris(@LAAG64) from Pardon The Loading

GE Hosts: @BigRob029, Dave@Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit) & Aaron(@Ind1fference)

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Intro – Mint Royale ft. De La Soul – Show Me

Break 1 – Santigold – Lights Out

Break 2 – Beck – Loser

Break 3 – Chino XL – Rise

Break 4 – Denis Leary – #sshole excerpt

Outro – Childish Gambino – Heartbeat Instrumental

Showcap – Man or a Muppet/Muppet of a Man

Dragon’s Dogma Video

Deep Black ep1 Videos 1  and 2


  1. For the most part I think we were on the same page on the Avengers thing. The guy obviously wants to stop the sexism but truthfully the Avenger aren’t really about antibullying, and more importantly they don’t need to be about antibulying for bullying to be bad.

    ugh. I kinda dislike Louis CK. I saw his HBO show and it was something I watched but didn’t like. I have no interest in his new show and I haven’t really enjoyed his stand up. I just don’t particularly like the guy. I’m happy selling his special for $5 on his own website worked out for him but it’s just not my bag.

    Dude GalaxyQuest was a great movie. Hugely underrated.

    I actually disagreed with the Major Nelson bashing for different reasons. I felt that Major Nelson represented the majority of gamers. When you talk about him and say how you play Madden and you work out and talk football. I think that makes you the questionable gamer. We the gamers, have traditionally been the guys who don’t care about football. We’re the guys who can tell you about the the different faction balances in Starcraft, vs Command and Conquer vs Warhammer while you guys talk about the difference between AFC and PAC teams.

    That said I still thought it was funny and it felt like it was just fun hence my lack of comment on it. I still have no idea how to tell one car from another but I can tell you your OS within two major version numbers including the major Linux branches from a screen shot.

    Gunsmith != Millions of guns no matter how much they try to convince me otherwise. I’ve tried the website and I just prefer to do it in game.

    If it wasn’t for voice commands I truly think Kinect would be as dead as PSMove by now.

    lol Kinect is the new MajorNelson this episode ;-;

    Walking Dead Demo WAS fantastic. I said I was the Baby Sitter and seeing him say that he would remember really made me think.

  2. You really don’t like Kinect. I have had a blast with it. I never played TWEWY…I think. I need to buy The Walking Dead Season and Uncharted 1 was meh while 2 and 3 are great. Especially 2. As far as the Major Nelson comments I’m sure you’ve noticed that we almost never talk sports in details.

  3.  nah as much as I disapprove. I’m more apathetic and mystified by kinect than dislike.

    I never thought people didn’t love Uncarted 1. Don’t get me wrong it was over hyped. I mean a LOT over hyped, but an hour in when I toned down my expectations I had a really good time and I think it was a great game. I’ve only played it once and it was a library rental.. I bought it now and it’s in my backlog because I do want to try for the platinum. (and i think it’s going to show off well to non-gamers)

  4. Hi Wolfkin! I truly want you to know that 99 percent of the comments about Major Nelson were tongue in cheek. I truly could care less about the man. I just don’t see how he has reached deity status. Also, in regards to gamers, I think you are describing PC gamers. I’m a console gamer, and have been since the Coleco vision back in 83. I take pride in being such. I actually haven’t touched a football game since NFL Street part 2. There is so many better things to do then play football indoors. It goes against my Go Outside rule, so I don’t buy it for my kids. NBA 2K12, on the other hand, is instructional. It teaches you how to interact with the press. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

    I enjoyed the part of Uncharted that I played, but it seemed like more of a puzzle game. I’ll start part 2 this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

    I have beaten The Walking Dead twice now, and I am thrilled by it. I wish it was a full game, but the suspense adds to the flavor, I guess.

    Thanks for listening, and for leaving feedback. Podcasts need more people like you and Awesome Rob.

    Have a great day, and if you play paintball, PROTECT YOUR CHEST!


  5. I agree it’s like a puzzle game but that’s kinda what I liked about it.

    nipple guards for the win.

  6. Also, I am so happy to hear that you have played TWEWY, as we seem to be the only two. E. See what I did there? Anywho, I am on my eighth play through in my mind. I think about the game all the time. I need to play Kirby, and Metroid, too. Thank you for the recommendations!

  7. Metroid Prime Hunters: Pinball is a great game even without the rumble. I just really really suck at it. I don’t think I ever got past 2 levels. My ex though.. she was a beast. She got all the way thru the main levels and unlocked the special level. I use to tell everyone I knew online at the time #pride. Needless to say she did get laid, a few times, for it.

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