GameEnthus Podcast ep90: Stage Kit Dreams or The Honey Ham Theory

Topics: Stem Stumper, Dictator, TMNT, Shadow of the Collossus, Skull Girls, Zack Zero, GRAW2, Bastion, Devil May Cry HD collection, The Splatters, South Park TR, Kinect Star Wars, Skyrim, Rock Band Blitz, World Gone Sour, Sniper Elite, Pinball Arcade, Sorcerer’s of Magic Kingdom, Pax East, Fez, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, Gotham City Imposters, Total Recall, Cards Against Humanity etc.

Guest: Kwasi Mensah(@insomniac2846) from Ananse Productions, creator of Stem Stumper (iOS/Android)

GE Hosts: @BigRob029, Dave@Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit) & Aaron(@Ind1fference)

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MegaCity(iOS)  from ColePowered

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Intro – E. Bros – Funky Piano Instrumental

Break 1 – Beastie Boys – Intergalactic 

Break 2 – The Roots – Adrenaline Instrumental

Break 3 – Stevie Wonder -  Once in my life

Break 4 – Good Burger Excerpt

Outro – Royce Da 5’9″ Instrumental

Showcap – Journey – Be good to yourself


  1. Google Plus is like Facebook without the noise. You don’t have people posting inane things, apps don’t constantly spam you. Ads are more reserved. Privacy is easy to understand and control. In theory it’s every thing you want in a social network. It had a clean interface, it was fast, slick. Facebook on the other hand is designed to funnel you into the most public setting. Unlike Twitter, FB really wants you to be public they do everything in your power to make you as public as possible.

    G+ is better, the problem is that your friends aren’t on it. I’m having an insane time trying to get my Mom to switch to Gmail and she hates the constant issues with Hotmail (did you know you can’t sign out of Hotmail?).

    It doesn’t matter that my mom is a terrible example (she doesn’t want a FB account) the point is that it illustrates a mentality. people don’t want to change. E-mail for the most part doesn’t connect to anything. One is just as good as the other the fact that I can’t get anyone I know to switch is just because they’re stuck. How much more so with a social network. It’s the same thing we see over and over again in the video game industry. People will switch when their friends do. Until then what they have is good enough.

    PSN is perfectly fine for 90% of the gamers out there.. I don’t need to talk to people I don’t know IRL (no offense guys) while I’m playing Darksiders. Text message works “good enough” to let me know you want to get into some R6V2. PSN is far better than it gets credit for.. XBL is better yeah, but PSN is good enough (Esp on the CoD/BF game that all the default gamers play). Again it doesn’t matter because noone will ever leave XBL because that’s where their friends are.

  2. All the audio gaps made me think my phone was crashing almost every time they happened. Sometime about 45 minutes in I began to wonder if it was a curse word censor that was going on? or if it was really just a technical thing.

    I feel even older man. I DO remember BetaMax. Never had one but I’ve seen one. On the topic of nerds being nerds. I agree with Ind1fference that there is a real fear of humilation and at times physical harm if you just let it all hang out. The reason it’s pathetic isn’t because “it’s just so easy to say F that I’m gonna be me” it’s because it’s not 1980 and that fear is MUCH less justified. CNN has heard of Comic Con. If you want to be a giant geek you can find other giant geeks to hang out with in pretty much ANY city. It doesn’t have to be just at Dragon*Con.

    Google+ also does things like hashtags and trending topics now. Here’s a fun one #whitespace . A lot of people hate all the white space in the middle of the screen. It’s hilarious. There is a Chrome extension called Hangout Canopy that lets you see all the public hangouts running. I used it.. are you (BigRob) suggesting that it’s useless now. It’s gone the way of the FX extension TagSifter. *Geek C-c-c-c-combo*

    I stayed in a smoking room once.. it really IS terrible. :shudder: Your experience with those dudes at Disney is everything I hated about Pokemon Blue. I LOVED that game but the only people I had to trade with were my neighbor’s pre to middleschool daughters. I couldn’t look more creepy, they really wanted to trade with me but I just had to keep it very limited.

    Overhype.. yes this is getting to be a problem. I think Uncharted 1 was over hyped. It was a good game, a great game but wow did the hype make me expect something beyond belief. Zack Zero.. I’d call it a looser Mega Man with more complex upgrades(based on the demo) you run you jump you shoot. That’s MM.

    PSN Games:
    Free for PSN+
    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t download them all. That’s what I do. There’s literally a section marked “Free Games”.. perhaps b/c he’s new he doesn’t know that but just go and get it all.
    – Dungeon Defenders has the DLC that’s free.. good game.
    – Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves: good game but you need Move and two people. If you have that then YES.
    – Orbit the PSN Mini is a really really fun game. I play that all the time. It’s simple but you spend a lot of time doing upgrades
    – Shank2/Shift2 : obviously but i haven’t played it.

    -Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse Ep 1(i think)
    -Blue Toad Mystery Ep 1 (i think)
    -Strongbad Ep 3 (i think)

    – highly recommend Hoard: it really is a fun game better with friends but fun enough without them for a bit.
    – PixelJunk Eden and Shooter: great games very fun even if you don’t want to max the trophies
    – PJ Monsters: i thought it was way too hard.. haven’t finished it
    – Cubixxx: nice fun game
    – SuperStardust HD: people rave for it.. i don’t get it myself.
    – Eufloria: HIGH rec. fantastic game that looks beautiful. It’s like Eden zen soothing but with much more detailed graphics. Such big easy to read text
    -Okabu: is adorable
    -Critter Crunch: is adorable but less african lol
    -Auditorium HD: HIGH REC. a fantastic puzzle game with one flaw. No reset level. They get away with it because you never need to reset but it would be nice. Check out the flash version for a demo.
    -inFamous Festival: not my first rec but people love it
    -Hydrophobic: low rec but PSN is the better version
    – Sideway: New York: HIGH REC beautiful platformer
    – Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty if you have money lying around is a fun rush.. but not the best buy. It is short.. but does look great.
    – Dead Nation is pretty decent
    – Risk/Outland/PacMan
    — I’m sure those are all on XBL right?

    There are a bunch of other games I could recommend somein place of this list but these are the ones I think of as PSN only.

  3. the stagekit is awesome…. also, maybe a play for g+ to look more like FB to get more people in on a level playing field isnt such a bad idea. people that only know facebook can easily jump into it. but yeah, telling a friend will be the best way to get anyone on it

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