GameEnthus Podcast ep84: The Game of Vita or Lou’s Mines


For some reason the GameEnthus crew decided to do a show with 7 people this week. It turns out surprisingly well. Enjoy. This week’s show art was done by Sliderwave.

Topics: PS Vita, SSX demo, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Mass Effect 3 demo, more Vita, Chronicle, Defendor, Time Trax, Dark Sector, Kid Icarus, Neotacia and much more.

Guests: Abhinav(@Onekumar) , @Sliderwave, Chris(@LAAG64)

Hosts: @BigRob029, Dave@Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit), Aaron(@Ind1fference)

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Show Length: 158min(…there were 7 of us)  Direct Download

Show Links/Info

Smithsonian Video Games as Art Exhibit opening webcasts(3/15-3/17)

PSP/Vita Remote Play Info

Gamers Transform Skyrim Roundtable

Sliderwaves’s Comic Blog

Abhinav’s Site and twitter

Chris’s Vita Site

PS Vita Boxing Video

Independent Thought Game(s)


Twitter Info

@GameEnthus @EnthusLife

Show Music

Intro – Jay-Z ft. Eminem – Renegade Instrumental

Break 1 – Chrispy – Inspector Gadget Dubstep remix

Break 2 – David Bowie – As the World Falls Down

Break 3 – Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed

Break 4 – The Roots – Distortion to Static Instrumental

Outro – Singstar Festival Wallpaper theme music

Showcap –Christion – Bring Back Your Love