GameEnthus Podcast ep457: SponsorCon or Durability-ility

GameEnthus Podcast ep457: SponsorCon or Durability-ility


This week Tiny (@Tiny415), Mike (@AssaultSuit) and Aaron (@Ind1fference)  talk about: Ocelot Brewing, Pinball the Man who Saved the game, The Menu, Beast, Pax East, E3, Wrestle Story, WrestleQuest, Crit Rate, Big Boy Boxing, GigaBash, Toxic Crusaders, Wreckreation, Alone in The Dark, Knitting Circle, LOZ Tears of the Kingdom, Steam Deck, Skies of Arcadia, Uncharted, Picard Season 3, Scooby Doo Pinball, Stern, Bond Pinball, Hi Fi Rush, Whirlwind, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Blackout Protocol, Infernax Deux or Die, Resident Evil 4 VR, Floristry, Heat Pedal to the Metal, Decorum, The Wolves, Abandon All Artichokes, Starry Night Sky, Clive n Wrench, Fortnite, Analogue Pocket, Midnight Sons, Spiderheck, Ultimate Chicken Horse, FallGuys, Multiverse, and more.


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Intro: 00:00
Mike Update: 00:52
Aaron Update: 14:50
Tiny Update: 32:46
Mike’s Games: 42:37
Aaron’s Games: 51:04
Tiny’s Games: 1:12:14
Wrap Up 1:26:16

Intro: 00:00
Mike Update: 01:14
Aaron Update: 15:13
Tiny Update: 33:08
Mike’s Games: 43:00
Aaron’s Games: 51:27
Tiny’s Games: 1:12:37
Wrap Up 1:26:38

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