GameEnthus Podcast ep439: Peaceful Journey or Weird Flex

GameEnthus Podcast ep439: Peaceful Journey or Weird Flex


This week Marcus (@MajorLinux), Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) talk about:  Jideways, LANFest, Too Many Games, Impossimole, Atari XE, Arcade 1UP, Divekick, Rex Viper, No Time To Die, Hey Dude, Vacation Friends, Marvel What If?, Scream (2022), Home Sweet Home Alone, Congress of Gamers, Civ V, Metroid Dread, Ori,Yakuza 0, Life is Strange: True Colors, Deathloop, Astroneer, Forza Horizon 5, Back 4 Blood, Left 4 Dead, Ys Origin, The Artful Escape, Baba is You, Pandemic, Thunder Road: Vendetta, Sacred Rites, Tutankhamun, Kiitos, Enchanted Plumes, Mining Colony, The Big Pig Game, B.A.T.S(Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad), Bonito Days, Trios, Mushihimesama, Centipede Recharged, Good Knight and more.


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Audio Breaks
00:00 Goofy Intro
02:34 Actual Intro/Linux’s anecdotes
15:05 Mike’s anecdotes
39:46 Tiny’s anecdotes
50:29 Aaron’s anecdotes
01:06:03 Games Linux Played
01:39:16 Games Mike Played
01:45:24 Games Aaron Played
02:01:08 Games Tiny Played/News & Stuff
02:26:24 Outro

Video Breaks
00:00 Goofy Intro
01:58 Actual Intro/Linux’s anecdotes
14:29 Mike’s anecdotes
39:10 Tiny’s anecdotes
49:53 Aaron’s anecdotes
01:05:28 Games Linux Played
01:38:40 Games Mike Played
01:44:48 Games Aaron Played
02:00:32 Games Tiny Played/News & Stuff
02:25:48 Outro


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Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
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